Flavors are one of the most important components to determine the product quality and assertion. S.I.L.E.A. is able to transform your ideas in flavors.
agrumi e menta


This category of flavors includes exclusively the natural – identical flavors which are easily adapted to every type of production because of being very versatile.
agrumi e menta

Natural flavors and Aromatic extracts

By making a very careful choice of raw materials we are able to realize a wide variety of natural flavors among which the aromatic herbs extracts for liquors, tinctures and concentrated extracts .
aromi naturali

Emulsion flavors

These are natural flavors without coloring of any kind suitable for pastry or bakery shops as well as for bakery products in general. This is a new high quality line very easy to use and stay in line with the large variety of market products.
croissant salati

Salty flavors

Due to the long experience and research we came up with the creation of a product line specifically salted products such as snacks, crackers, stuffed pastries and other bakery products.

Take a look on our dedicated flavor's catalog


Take a look on our dedicated natural flavor's catalog