Welcome to the online blog of the S.I.L.E.A. fragrance and flavors supplier, dedicated to our faithful customers and for everyone else who wants to contact us.

Creating an entirely dedicated blog to our enterprise where we can communicate and interact as well as discus with you for our beloved spices and flavors in Torino, for us the means the beginning of a new adventure. In this way we are disposing all our knowledge and experience in this sector. But the most important thing is providing us with the opportunity to reach even those who don’t know us, those that will appreciate our reality as something to discover more and more.

Scrolling our website www.sileaaromi.mysuite.it you will find all the needed information for your activity, our products and the needed references to reach to us, street, email, phone or our office.

We wish to open this space with a much loved product for us as well as one of main ones that we produce; the mint essential oils. The careful selection of the piedmonts peppermint along with a very precise productive process, make possible the creation of a fresh product with the most persistent aroma. This is a much appreciated essence mainly for its energizing and stimulating properties, for its ability to relief the respiratory track as well as a natural remedy for the headache.

All S.I.L.E.A. staff wishes a pleasant reading.