Our story

costruzioni Olsa
S.I.L.E.A. originates for the "Oehme & Baier" Mother Company in Leipzig – Gohlis founded in 1882. In 1928 opens its Italian branch in Torino, which in 1947 is transformed in S.I.L.E.A. s.r.l. and still today continues working in this sector with passion dedication and professionalism, fulfilling all the requirements of those who want to produce quality products.

The long historical experiences with the antique formulations have indeed preserved their value despite technology making gigantic steps. At the same time has approached new modern techniques and enlarged the product range developing the entire line of alimentary confectionery and other.

At this regard it avails a series of completely natural products among the most important is the Piedmonts Mints tri rectified oil, deriving from worldly famous crops for its thinness and its organoleptic characteristics, aromatic herbs extracts, distillation and coloring.

We have a large range of natural flavors from our own exclusive authentic specialties formulation production. Particularly the Rum flavors obtained through steam distillation forget by antique piedmonts techniques of precious raw materials. Our specialists of research and development use the experience of a long time as well as the studies in the application field to create exclusive products according the requirements, being able to create even the most specific ones.