Thanks to the continuous research and development, we produce exclusive and as requested products. At S.I.L.E.A. we are selling, producing and selecting products to fulfill everyone’s requirements and needs such as natural flavors, essential oils, food synthetic and natural coloring, spices and additives or raw materials. Our professionalism and experience gives us the opportunity to satisfy even the most specific of requirements, such as for example food coloring which is created with highly pure products and shades variations as well as personalize concentrations.

We have e very long and large list of products carefully chosen to fulfill quality requirements. Our research indeed comes from a long tradition inherited by our ancestors. Since ancient times spices have been very important elements for the wellness. Even nowadays scientific studies have confirmed once more the benefits and value these products.

Torta Farcita


oli essenziali

Essential oils

aromi e resa elevata alla frutta

Food coloring


Spices, additives, raw materials

Passion and curiosity lead innovation
  • Due to research and development we are able to produce exclusive and as requested products. We make ourselves come forward concerning the piedmonts mint tri-rectified essential oil (the process where the chemical part of the essential oil is removed), world famous for its thinness and its organoleptic characteristics. This particular mint essential oil is extracted from the Mentha Piperita (peppermint) known for its digestive, relaxing and anti-bacterial qualities.

  • These formulations allow excelling in the rum production, obtained through steam distillation from the piedmonts artisans.

  • The large range of natural aromatic extract that we produce makes us be an important name in the non-alcoholic drinks, bitters and vermouth environment, worldly notorious as collective heritage of Piedmonts.